Prac – Week 1

counting down the days ICTs that don’t work

Being back in the classroom as a pre-service teacher is a good feeling, I have missed it.

I am sooooooo lucky, I have been placed at an amazing school, I have an awesome mentor, the students are lovely, the facilities are the best I’ve ever worked in and there is plenty of ICTs at my finger tips to incorporate into my lessons. It must be difficult and very frustrating for some of my peers who have been placed at schools with ICTs that don’t work or ICTs that are pushed to the side and never thought of being used by the teacher.

I have been very nervous leading up to this prac as this is the first prac in my minor area of Jnr Science. I am confident in my ability to interact and engage with the students but I am not confident in my content knowledge. I feel I have been thrown in to teach something I know very little about. But as my mentor says…. FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. To overcome my nerves in content delivery  I have been planning, planning and over planning my lessons, researching the topic through text books, on-line and asking my mentor lots and lots of questions. I too love the ‘I do, we do, you do’ pedagogical approach to teaching and include it into my lesson plans and my delivery of lessons as much as I can.

I wont lie, I too am counting down the days until its over as I have so much else on with uni, assignments, exams, kids and life in general. 4 days down 11 to go!

Best of luck to everyone.


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